E-Liquid in Newcastle upon Tyne

Our E Liquid is the best value around. Even without our insane MeGA DeAL Days. We have regular special offers on where 10ml of our red label e-liquid is as low as #2.00.. Yes that is #2 for 10ml. But why would we want to give it away with ZERO or even at a loss? SoftECigs knows that it is more than amazing value and that you won't find better eliquid deal in the UK. Why would we give it away and struggle to cover our costs - Because we'll hook you in! We know once you've tried it you'll be hooked and itching to come back for more! When our deal day arrives don't miss out. Keep checking back for great offers and deals on our E Liquid flavours. There is always a tasty deal happening and there are always plenty of flavours to choose from!

Electronic Cigarettes contain both a battery, clearomiser top and E-Liquid; these are the bits that will need recharging or replacing. E Liquid is a solution of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol (VG): SoftECigs supply a 70% PG/30% VG mix, along with a percentage of nicotine 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4% and 3.6% /100ml which is wholly dependant on how much you currently smoke and the satisfation you need along with various flavourings; Tobacco, menthol, blueberry, cherry etc.

The amazing thing about the E Liquid is how many different flavours it comes in. You can taste either a tobacco flavour, coffee, strawberry, blueberry, menthol, apple pie, and lots of different fruits and other food and flavours. You name it you can probably get it in a SoftECigs E Liquid flavour! E Liquid also has many names it is known as E-Liquid, Oil, E Juice, liquid; But don't worry, they are all E Liquids that you will either really love or simply hate! After all everybody is different. Different strokes and all!

Lots of people have different flavours on the go for different occasions, so they might have coffee in the morning, a nice strawberry fruit flavour mid-morning and Cowboy Gold when they go out at night; basically whatever helps you to not smoke cigarettes works, doesn't it? They can also be enjoyed without the inherent dangers of smoking cigarettes, you still get the nicotine but you don't get the nasty tars and other 7000+ chemicals that are in regular cigarettes. Nicotine alone is the least dangerous component of a regular cigarette; it is extremely unlikely someone could overdose on the nicotine from Electronic Cigarette vapour and they certainly!

One thing to note is that you should be careful where you buy your E Liquid as some unscrupulous people make up batches in their garages and warehouses. Buy from a reputable seller that has a wide choice along with the correct certification as to the origins of his eliquid, it's ingredients and those of the ingredient suppliers. Having a certificate showing the test results from a Public analist Laboritary in the UK is the best you can get regarding the contents of the eLiquid. After all the U.K. Government Trading standards use the very same labs to confirm the legitimate nature of the contents of everything from alcoholic drinks to SoftECigs eLiquid!